Drambuie's Stupid Ad

Drambuie has a commercial playing right now that's supposed to evoke a sense of Braveheart (nice timing on that one since ol' Mad Mel's drunken hate rant) and a "secret recipe handed down for centuries".

The only problem is that the recipe is for Drambuie and Soda with a squeeze of lime. It's not a secret, its a stupid ass attempt at marketing.

The Scotch Blog rips it apart because its a nonsensical series of images culminating in the dude jumping across an alleyway and on to a rooftop bar that isn't accessible via stairs or something.

But my take is different. Its just patently stupid to talk about a secret drink with three ingredients. There are, by the Webtender's count, there are 26 recipes for Drambuie. But Drambuie is a bit player in most of those recipes although you've gotta love the names. Can you imagine an ad campaign trying to get people to order "Kiltlifters" or "Warm Wooly Sheep"? And "Napalm Death" doesn't really deliver the right message either, does it?

But Drambuie & Soda being a secret recipe "handed down for centuries" is just plain dumb. My guess is that Drambuie is very likely referred to as women's Scotch or girly Scotch in Scotland, its Scotch sweetened with honey and herbs when any real drinker knows that Scotch is perfect all by itself.

Me? I would have come up with something a little more clever. Maybe having their William Wallace wannabe engaging in some Claymore ass whopping action and then refresh himself with a Drambuie & Soda (presuming they couldn't come up with something better) while some very hot Scottish chicks in mini-kilts look on adoringly. Come on, fellas, it ain't that hard.

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