The Double Standard McDicky

The White House has asked a judge to overturn a ruling that allow the Visits to the Vice President's Office to be examined for the access that lobbyists (perhaps Jack Abramoff? You know, the guy George Bush denied ever having even met when its been since proven he's met the guy something like 200 times?) had to his office.

The response from the White House is that it would be an unprecedented intrusion into his ability to perform his job. Um yeah, this is the same White House that has the "right" to tap your phones, my phones and to do damned near anything they please in the name of the war on terror.

So I have a new nickname for Black Heart Dick Cheney, he can now also be referred to as Double Standard Dicky (and he can also still be referred to as Friend or F..Blam!!! Dicky too).

The question I have is whether any other Vice President's visitor logs have been made accessible. This isn't some triviall curiousity, this is an investigation into whether Dick Cheney had dealings with known criminals. This isn't about politics, this is about whether the guy is provably corrupt or corrupt enough to warrant further digging.

The fact that they are so against it would indicate that there's something they don't want known. Which makes it all the more important the ruling not be overturned and those records be delivered for scrutiny.

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