Britney's Coochie

UPDATE: Britney Spears really wants you to see her crotch.

'Nuff said. And yes, the pics are totally NSFW.

The funny part? Paris Hilton is trying to help her keep her legs closed. I guess Paris doesn't like competition for trashy photos of "celeb" pooty.

[Update: In an effort to deflect some of the bare coochie criticism, Teh Brit went out and spent $3800 on underwear. It remains to be seen (and photographed) whether she will wear the undies.]

[Update #2: The Gallery of the Absurd's 14 has published another new masterwork entitled, The Three Disgraces that perfectly sums up the bizarre love triangle between Teh Brit, Paris and Lindsey Lohan. One of these days I'll have to figure out why I actually kind of like Lindsey. I've never been able to actually sit down and parse it out, maybe its the freckles? Anyway, go check it out. It is almost guaranteed to make you laugh.]