Brace Yourselves, We're Going In (to the Beta Abyss)

Blogger's sloppy stumble out of beta is causing panic among some of the community because the migration is failing some and leaving them and their blogs in limbo between the old Blogger and the new and sketchily improved Blogger Beta.

I've actually tried to migrate to the new Beta a couple of times but was denied because Intellectual Poison has some 5000 posts in its history and they didn't like that. So I waited and now they say its ready for everyone. But the apparent reality is that plenty of people are getting buggered over by the migration to the new system.

I still don't understand why Google barely seems to give a damn about Blogger. They seemingly treat it like a red-headed step child and just give it a smack every now and again to let it know it "loves" it.

I'll try the migration again this evening so don't be surprised if the IP universe goes "dark" for a little while. Hopefully it'll be a short eclipse if there is one at all. And it probably wouldn't hurt to keep your fingers crossed!

[Okay, now that its Christmas Eve and all through my house, both little boys are sleeping and its time to put some toys together. The big "Some assembly required" this year is a hobby horse, the kind on the four springs. I figure I'll get this migration going while I put that sucker together.]