And It Can Be Used to Keep the Greens Nice and Flat

The Hipporoller enables people to transport four times as much water as the old method of balancing water jugs on heads, or across shoulders.

The Hipporoller carries 20 gallons of water, four times the water that one person can carry via a 20 litre bucket (5 gallons weighs nearly 42 pounds or 18.9 kilograms) and it does so without placing undue stress on the neck, arms or spine.

It carries 200 pounds of water but at the wheel axle which makes that weight effectively 22 pounds and that allows older people and younger children to pilot the hipporoller on flat terrain without too much trouble. And, once the roller has been used for a week or so, the path between the water and the village will be nice and flat, good enough to use as a putting green.

These are like usable, personal steamrollers and they'll save backs, necks, shoulders and legs from untold strain and damage.

I'd never really considered how detrimental the transportation of water balanced on top of your head could be over the long term. But, now that I have thought about it, it must be excruciating to many. But they have to have water and nobody else can do it so they continue doing it.

You can support the purchase and distribution of the Hipporoller via The Africa Foundation (its an indirect support though, they take all donated monies and allocate them to projects internally).

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