The Tryptophan Report

What's the most dangerous time to be out on the highway? The evening of Thanksgiving because of all that tryptophan coursing through everyone's bloodstream and making heavy heads and eyelids all over the place.

I had to drive the family home after a really nice Thanksgiving dinner with my in-laws. A low key dinner but that was perfect for us. I only wish there had been a couple of kids around for Grady to play with. And, oh yeah, that my wife had chosen not to eat the poison stuffing. It was only mildly poisoned but still, puking is no fun. The worst part? She brought some home, ate it the next day and got sick the next night again. Which made it really easy to figure out what was causing the trouble.

But the drive home was rough. Two sleeping children in the backseat, a sleepy wife (though she had no turkey and was just tired) and a sleepy driver. The first part of the drive took every trick in the book to not close my eyes and drift off into the median for a nappy.

I did my best to not partake in Black Friday sales madness. But I had made myself a deal. If I was woken up by either child on Friday morning before the sales started then I would head up to Staples to see about getting my hands on a great, great deal for a new monitor. Sure enough, Sully woke up at about 5:30, I gave him a bottle and put him back down and then went up to Staples to see what I could see.

There had been a line before the doors opened and people were going a little nuts inside. But I did get a monitor for a steal of a deal. I should have also picked up a 1 gig USB drive for $7 after rebates but I just wanted to go back home and lay back down.

Oh yeah, I also picked up four magnetic baskets for pens that go on white boards because they were marked down more than 90%. All four for $2 when they should have cost $25. Bam!