Online Mail-In Rebates Kick Ass!

Okay, I did my best to avoid the massive Black Friday drive to spend, spend, spend and then borrow some to spend some more. And I was mostly successful.

But I had made a deal with myself the night before. If either of my two boys woke me up before the 6 am start of the crush, I would roll out to Staples to see if I could score me a nice deal on a new LCD monitor (which is no longer listed on their site or I'd link to it).

Sure enough, Sully, woke up hungry at about 5:30 and, after a bottle, a burp and a tuck back into bed, I got dressed and drove up the street to Staples. The place wasn't a complete madhouse but it was close. There had been a line to get in and the deals they were dealing were scary good. I could have easily dropped a whole crapload of money before 7 am. But I was resolute and firm and hunted down the one item I knew I wanted and needed.

After wandering the monitor aisle for a little while (hey, nice rhyme!), I waited in line to ask someone where the hell the sweet monitor deals were. No, I'm not lying, there was a line to ask someone a question. It was a short line but it was a line all the same.

I got the proper info and made my way over to wait in another line, this time with only one buyer in front of me. They'd given out vouchers for the monitors to the people waiting before the doors opened and I wasn't so sure I was going to end up getting the monitor. But the guy checked and they had plenty enough to sell me one without the voucher.

So I walked out with a slick new monitor that is gorgeous and totally kicks ass. Its a 19" widescreen LCD made my Samsung and it is bright, beautiful and gives me alot more screen real estate to play with. I'm very pleased with the purchase and feel just a little guilty for not abstaining from the shopping altogether.

Also, did you know that Samsung is really easy to misspell as Sams Gun? Freaky!

And tonight, I got my receipt out to get it ready to mail in for my rebate and read through it. The best part? An URL for Staples Easy Rebates which let me punch in some info from the receipt, add my mailing info and bam, done! Which really puts the kick ass in KICK ASS! Easy rebates make me happy.

Unlike having to get my ass up and into work an hour earlier tomorrow morning which means I've gotta get to bed.

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