Govt. to Under-30 Crowd: Quit Bumping Uglies!

This morning's Morford is a corker (and he'd probably add that its nestled in his bum while he sips Raspberry wine and feeds his lover grapes).

Abstinence message goes beyond teens and all the way up to 29 year olds. Which makes me wonder just what kind of juiced up crack these fools are smoking? I mean, is it crack laced with mothballs and a sprinkling of foot powder or something?

The Bush administration is spending $50 million to spread the word that abstinence is a good thing and should be undertaken by everyone until they are 30.

The shocking thing in the link? That only 90% of 20-29 year olds have had sex. That means there are alot more 30 year old virgins than I'd have ever thought.

The rationale behind this incredibly stupid waste of money? Children born out of wedlock. Because we all know that children born to single moms grow up to be scumbags. Come on, Bushie, this is beyond ridiculous and lapses over into whacked out nutjob insanity.