Weekend Recap

A quick recap of the holiday weekend. On Saturday we trekked out to the beach with a friend, a long walk down from the house and out to a private beach which was really nice and Nande loved the playtime and sun and sand almost as much as Graydon.

Oh yeah, I also made apple cinnamon pancakes on Saturday morning and then again yesterday late morning for a brunch. I'd incorporated a couple of recipe changes and the pancakes were that much better than before. The secret is to mix the apples and cinnamon together before putting them both into the batter, that way the cinnamon stays close to the apples.

Sunday we bummed around the house for the morning and then headed up to Pleasanton for an afternoon at the Highland Games. After paying a fairly ridiculous and unwarranted $15 each for my wife and me to get in, we wandered around for a bit and I noticed that there's quite a few portly Scotsmen in the world. Graydon and I watched the caber tossing for a little bit and then we watched the sheep dogs for a minute, until Graydon decided he could do it and climbed through the fence in the blink of an eye.

We went from the unimpressive and overpriced Highland Games to a friend's block party where she'd rented an inflatable water slide which the kids were having a fantastic time playing on. The last couple of pics in my Flickr stream are from the waterslide. Graydon didn't want to go on it at first but he warmed up to it and went up and down the slide a few times before his diaper lost the battle and he went a few more times buck naked. To the approval and laughter of all the parents watching.

And yesterday we bummed around the house, Graydon and I went for a bike ride together and I ended up being up a little too late which will make my morning a little tougher than it has to be. But oh well, I've got that sweet sunny cube waiting for me!

And, oh yeah, StumbleOn has been hitting my Wal-Mart site all weekend, about ten times as much traffic as normal, not that I'm complaining.

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