Visiting with My Old Officemates

I mhad drinks with some of the people from my old office last night. One that I knew well and one new person that's had the misfortune to get hired since I left back in February.

Not much has changed in the office, the power struggle between the CEW (that's chief executive witch) and the president, who's a real businessman. There's been no infrastructure upgrades, no improvements to the working conditions and no, obviously, improvement in morale.

Which is pretty much exactly what I expected. I let them know what the company's reputation in the business world is (hint, it ain't good) and shared some wonderful stories that'll hopefully make their workdays a little more bearable. And I offered advice on how to break away and move on to better employment that doesn't make you dread going into the office everyday and dread having to deal with the wicked witch.

Oh yeah, and the margaritas were pretty darned tasty!

The other nice part was that there was not a hint of traffic until I got nearly home where they were doing roadwork and two cars had stacked and mashed themselves up pretty good.

Last bit before I roll out, I've added an About Me to the site, its not done but its close enough to go up for now and I'll update it with photos and more info as time goes on.

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