Sex Makes Men Stupid(er)

Today's Tale of teh Stupid comes from Waxy.org, Sex Baiting Prank on Craigslist Affects Hundreds. Guys bait Craigslist listings by pretending to be a horny girl looking for no-strings-sex and the results are, well, not surprising. They get inundated with emails including personal details, photos and admissions of cheating on their wives.

And then someone with a nasty streak published all of the responses, unedited, to a site called Encyclopedia Dramatica which will almost certainly result in seperations and divorces.

Not that those marriages were all that strong or healthy to begin with if the dude is off searching for sex. But still, its pretty clear that publishing things like this is a bad thing for all concerned.

I seem to be reminded of something like "Those without sin cast the first stone" or somesuch. I'm sure these paragons of internet exposure have never done anything they wouldn't want put up on a public website for all to see.