Security is for Suckers

Go on and click the Google Search: confidential "do not distribute" and be amazed at the "confidential" corporate information that's just laying around on the internet ready to be scooped up and capitalized upon by the competition.

Or just published on a blog somewhere. Hmm, do you think something called Pre-Embargo Material is something that should be available off a site? Probably not. Or how about the codes for a class of physicists at Cornell? Nah, probably not that one either.

And Google makes it even easier by allowing you to view the files as HTML rather than download the material and look at it offline. But you can do that as well, if you like.

And hey, since we're worshipping at the temple of Google, how about a site called G2P that turns Google into an MP3 filesharer? Or books? Yeah, have fun with that.

And now I'm off to do a site rebuild. Whee!

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