The Raciest Season of Survivor Yet

Lots of pretty, pretty boys and girls on the new Survivor that debuted last night from the Cook Islands. They are broken into four racy teams, Whiteys, Blackies, Ornamentals and Wetbacks (is that a nasty term to use? It seems like it probably is).

Each team is comprised of five people, two or three women and two or three guys. Most are fairly young and buff and pretty but some are older, wilier and crazy looking but wise.

I have no idea what their names are but that’s okay, I usually don’t recognize anyone but the cute girls until the third or fourth week. And there are plenty of cute girls on this season.

I did find it interesting how the black group realized very quickly that they were going to have to REPRESENT for their people. It didn’t seem like any of the other groups gave a damn that they were representing their people with the exception of the Asians who were split between giving a damn and trying to not succumb to stereotypes.

The first challenge was a tough one with a lot of teamwork required to get to the win. And it was interesting to watch the dynamics of the teams come out. Mostly it was the men stepping forward and taking charge. Sometimes to their own detriment. Like when the black team lost the challenge and got to select someone to send to Exile Island, the two men decided themselves and didn’t even consult the three women. Which pretty well doomed one of the men to elimination. That was just dumb of them to not discuss it with the whole team and I was glad they dumped Sekou for it. I wonder if the other “brutha” will get it through his head that he’s on a team and not the guy in charge because he’s the only guy.

Probably not but that’s alright, its part of what makes the show so much fun to watch. At least this time around I was totally happy with the first person voted off. Unlike the last season where the older women tribe got rid of their strongest member right off the bat.. That was asinine.

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