Hasta La Vista, Bad Neighbors

Nope, we're not moving away, they are. And that's just fine because it'll mean new neighbors that we can, hopefully, break in properly and without all the history of unpleasantness.

And I will, hopefully, not have to worry about his stupid kids having a damned egg fight around my truck because they are too freakin' stupid to realize how harmful egg whites are to a car's paint job even though their dad has an award-winning show car in his garage. And, I'm guessing, he'll be taking his old Rottie who likes to bark at nothing for hours at a time.

I'm doing a little chair dancing and triumphant arm pumping this afternoon.

My happiness is only metered by the fact that we still live there and not in a house right on the beach with alot of nice, flat and useful land around us. But we'll get there eventually.

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