Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Nine Eleven. Happy Birthday. Happy Patriots Day. Happy Monday.

I thought CNN was going to do the rebroadcast of 9/11 but it appears that MSNBC is doing it instead. And a couple of other stations are doing World Trade Center shows or other tangental 9/11 things.

Since it is both national tragedy day and my birthday, I automatically feel some sort of right to philosophize about the whole thing. As if my perspective is any more or less valid than anyone else's. But such as it is, no one else is going to write to this blog so I guess that leaves it to me.

What's happened in the five years since Nine Eleven? More than plenty in my own life. Wife, kids, dog, house, job. But what else. I don't like flying anymore. I used to enjoy the hell out of plane travel but the fun's been sucked right out of it. I don't go back to New England as often as I used to. Which is regretable as I feel like I'm very much out of touch with my family back there. But then, I've got an attention hungry family right here and they're kind of hard to ignore. Especially when the kid climbs into my lap and starts banging on the keyboard I'm typing on now.

It would be easy to get sucked into the "coverage" and drawn back into 9/11 and the deep feelings of hopelessness and despair. But its five years gone now and I'm looking at my nearly four month old baby boy on my wife's shoulder while my two year paints with finger paints.

Life is good and there's football on again tonight. That's fine too.

But we may be going out shopping for a mattres today. The old one now stands on its side halfway in our closet and we slept on the inflatable Aerobed. Which doesn't work for two plus an infant so I ended up on the couch. Yeah, I slept on the couch on my birthday. But that's alright, I went back up after Graydon got up and slept for a bit longer.

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