Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my father's birthday, he would be 69 years old today. Except he passed away several years ago. Some days I miss him more than others but I always miss him. And I really wish he'd been able to see me get married and to see my two wonderful little boys that both remind me so much of him.

I'm not much for heaven and hell thoughts but there are times when I'd like to think that he's somewhere watching and enjoying the continuation of the cycle. That and I imagine part of him is enjoying watching my little boy push my buttons to drive me crazy, just like I did with him when I was a sprout.

I miss you, Dad, everyday. But you are here, in so many ways, I see you in both of my children and often catch myself thinking how much you would enjoy something I'm doing or seeing.

I've got a note taped to my monitor that contains nine guidelines that my step-mom sent to me after he passed away. Yes, I've posted them before. But I'm going to post them again because they're excellent guidelines and a good reminder of the kind of man my father was.

Things to Try to Bear in Mind
1. If you don't like something (situation/policy/etc), don't complain; do something positive to change it.
2. Compartmentalize if needed to get through a tough time.
3. Always remember to ask the basic question, "What is it we are trying to accomplish?"
4. Respect and try to understand different perspectives.
5. Find a way for everyone to save face.
6. Gather as much information as possible before making a decision, and base decisions on facts or the best information available.
7. Laugh and encourage others to laugh with you. It's okay-even desirable-to play and be a little silly as an adult.
8. Gain the respect of people you admire.
9. Make a contribution to the world/community/neighborhood using the skills you have.

Not bad advice at all. Somedays I'd really like to be able to ask him what he would do in whatever situation is vexing me but I suppose I can use these guidelines and figure out what he'd do. But it would be nice to hear his voice again.

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