A GTA:SA Breakthrough!

Yeah, that's right, I finally beat that damned level on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, NO E. where you have to fly a crappy old plane across the entire map and back, below a radar level or the military scrambles two F-16's on your slow and soon to be crispy ass.

There is no way to cheat on it, there's no way to weasel through. There is just trying again and again and again. But I finally beat that sumbitch. And it is damned ass hard. I must have tried it a hundred times or more before I finally got it. But I got it and that makes me happy.

And no, I do not have the Hot Coffee mod, that's for the PC not the PS2. But I would install it if I could anyway, so whatever. The "sex" is goofy and funny, I like that you can point your machine gun at the girl in the car and she doesn't stop having sex until you start firing, now that is professionalism.

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