Forfeiture of Any Right to Continued Existence

Couple admit sexually abusing their two kids starting with the daughter at the age of six and then sodomizing his son at the age of 10, Robert Mason and his wife, Megan, have, in my mind, completely and irrevocably forfeited their right to exist.

How could someone possibly do this to their own children or any children?

You sad, sick fucks. I expect you will not last very long in prison and not a single soul will shed a tear at your passing because you are both thoroughly disgusting scumbags who deserve every bit of pain and agony coming your way.

And, not quite as depraved or sickening but pretty stupid nonetheless. Here's a story about a couple of parents who kidnap their 19 year old pregnant daughter to take her and try to force her to get an abortion. Yeah.

Yeah, welcome to happyland.