Fictionarium Blowout Special

What's your favorite new word?

The one I keep repeating to myself alot is secrutiny, its got a nice flow to it once you get your head and mouth around saying. Seh-crew-tinny. No, its not a real word. Yet.

Secrutiny - scrutinizing your security or securing your scrutiny but that makes less sense.

So it seems that I'm coming up with five or six new words a day lately. Some I lose because I come up with them while lane splitting traffic on my motorcycle on the way into work and its somewhat inconvenient to take notes. But most come to when I'm working and have pen and paper handy to scrawl them down. Have I mentioned that my handwriting varies from reasonably legible to scratches in nice patterns?

Anyway, back to the point at hand. I've got a bunch new words and I don't feel like slow doling them out since my days have shifted so much with this whole working thing. So I'm going to blast out some invented words.

Glerrors - glaring errors. Also could be spelled glarrers but that makes the root words a bit more obtuse.

Circurse - cursed to be stuck in the circus forever. Or a cursed circus. Or a circus for cursing.

Cursious - curious about curses.

Delivious - so delicious that you become oblivious to the rest of the universe.

Internity - the length of your (unpaid or really low paid) internship

Externity - presumably the time after your internity but I'm not sure that makes sense.

Simvility - simulated civility, feigned niceness or the frenemy act.

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