15 Minutes, By Any Means Necessary

Jason Fortuny subscribes to the fundamental (and thoroughly misguided) belief that everyone should be famous for 15 minutes. Therefore, he's helping people get famous. By posting their names and other personal information he collected by pretending to be a girl looking for no-strings sex on Craigslist.

Scandal grows over fake Craigslist sex ad. As well it should.

What Fortuny (remind me to make fun of his name later) has done is to post false ads on Craigslist's Casual Encounters section, to bait men into contacting him for some sex. He's collected all their data and published it online to embarrass and humiliate and destroy some (admittedly shaky to begin with) marriages.

To defend his actions as doing nothing more than turning over rocks and snapping pics of worms underneath is misguided and wrong. What he is doing is wrong and he may just learn the hard way that vigilantes often end up sharing cells with their "prey". Which would be just fine. The men he's outing are not great people, that's for sure, who would rationalize sending their private info to someone based on a free craigslist posting for sex? Maybe these are the same people that click spam and keep wondering why they aren't rich yet?

As for making fun of the guy's name, I'll pass this time. It just ended up not being especially funny when it was spelled out.
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