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I had my first regular weekend as a working dad with a working wife/mother who needs to be able to go to work on some Saturdays. Which left me in care of our two wonderful and needy little boys. And that's fine. Its a treat really to be able to spend the morning hanging out with my son, playing with his trains (GeoTrax, by the way, RULE!) or trying to figure out how his Matchbox track goes together.

It makes it hard to get much in the way of house projects done. But that's what naps are for, right?

This weekend I had several things that I really wanted to get done and I got the big ones done. The biggest was to get the hot tub moved from the garage back out to the deck and get it filling back up. Many is the night recently when I've wanted to be able to go and soak but could not because there was no tub ready.

It will be ready tonight and that's a big step back in the right direction.

The other side of that moving was to relocate the big desk/bar from the deck back into the garage. No small feat for one person to undertake while the boys slept. But I figured it out and got it done by using my skateboard under the heavy side and driving that sucker back to the garage.

Oh yeah, getting the hot tub back up and running also involved removing a busted up outlet and wiring in a new one. Which was a big deal for me as I don't really like electrical work (one episode with a screwdriver and a hot switch as a youngster infused me deeply with a real fear of what electricity can do). But I got it done and am mostly happy, there's one outlet on that breaker that's not coming back on now but I'll deal with that when I get a chance.

I'm also starting to try and focus on the house projects with more of an outward facing perspective. I.e. if you can walk by my house and see the project then I want to finish that one first. Too many things are half done and it makes the outside of my house look, rightfully, shoddy. And it apparently not bulb season because I couldn't find any for sale at Home Depot to replant the front flower space.

I've been trying to stay up on all of my pal blogs that I like to read and apologize to those of you I haven't had a chance to comment on recently. Its not for a lack of desire, I just can't type one handed while the other is trying to balance a baby and feed him too!

But we are approaching a routine again and I think that'll make everything a little easier to get taken care of.

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