Treating Pedophilic Murder Suspects Like Royalty

I heard on the news this morning that self-confessed child killer (and likely a lying attention whore), Mark Karr, was flown back from Thailand in first class and treated like royalty the whole flight. Gourmet food and champagne in the hopes that he'd spill some of his beans before arrival. But no, he's going to milk his "celebrity" for every bit of airtime he can get before he's thrown into a dark cell and forgotten about until someone shoves a shiv into his backside.

This guy is, at the very least, a depraved child molester and, at worst, a murderer. And yet he gets treated like the King of Fucking Siam? His confession has gotten more media play than the striking down of Bush's illegal wiretap scam by a federal judge.

Why? This is murder case that's ten years old and has really no impact on very many people's lives whereas this wiretapping deal is huge and could potentially impact every single person in the country. A radio host the other day ran down a list of how much time was dedicated to the two stories, most spent between ten and twenty times as much time on JonBenet Ramsey's death than they did on the wiretap case.

America, your priorities are seriously fucking out of whack.
{Update: I'm not the only one who thinks so. Jon Friedman at Marketwatch is ashamed of journalism's fixation as well.]
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