Thoughts on Mel Gibson

Yes, we all know Mel Gibson drove drunk the other night, got pulled over and turned it into a soapbox rant about Jews.

And he's now apologized twice for his anti-semitism that he says isn't anti-semitism. And he blames the rant on the alcohol.

Last I checked, alcohol loosens inhibitions and acts more like a truth serum than a make-up-hate serum. Alcohol doesn't put new thoughts into your head, it lets out the ones that have been banging around in there.

So yeah, good for you, Mel. You've now joined Tom Cruise and Arnold Schwarzenegger as movie stars that you couldn't pay me to go see any of your movies ever again as I've lost every shred of possible respect I ever had for any of you.

Yeah, you were good in some movies but your off-screen person is a pretty disgusting and reprehensible douchebag. And the sad part is that you're not playing a role in real life, that's who you really are.

A hate-mongering anti-Semite drunk douchebagnozzle. Good for you. Now please go back to Australia and shut the hell up with your garbage.

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