Things I Learned Today So Far

I've learned that you can truthfully respond to the officer, "No, I do not know how fast I was going."

Because you really do not.

I found out that an indicated 85 on my motorcycle speedometer equates to "only" 78 miles an hour in the real world, as reported by my GPS unit. That's an almost 10% overestimation of speed. I'm sure that percentage slides alot closer to 0 as your speed comes down but still. That's a rather sizable inaccuracy.

And no, I did not get pulled over this morning. Nor was traffic the utter clusterfuck (hey, utter clusterfuck can be mashed together to form, da da dah, clutterfuck) it was yesterday where the backup started about five miles further south than usual and my 20 mile commute took over an hour.

I also learned that its not a good idea to pop wheelies when you are splitting lanes on your motorcycle. Nor is it considered good form to drop an elbow in the mirror of the ass who's using his friggin' huge truck to obstruct your passage because he's a small minded asshole who thinks that everyone should have to sit in the traffic jam regardless of the basic fact that using your vehicle as a weapon is a felony.

I also learned that too much creamer in your coffee is easier to overcome than not enough.

And that I can easily convince myself that a good long soak in the hot tub that includes stretching is just like a workout even though I know that its not at all like a workout.