Still With the Aftermath?

Katrina: One Year Later is a Google News roundup of all the coverage of the damage Hurricane Katrina caused in the southeast of the US. Its easy to see the damage since it looks like a majority of it is still there. Bureaucrats are holding up the distribution of rebuilding funds and people are still living in temp shacks or just gone altogether.

The way the immediate aftermath of Katrina was dealt with by the Bush Administration was shameful, why hasn't New Orleans been rebuilt or even cleaned out? I've heard about people who are going to lose their land because they haven't rebuilt yet because they haven't gotten money to rebuild yet.

And I've also heard that State Farm, contrary to their commercials, is screwing policy holders over like its going out of a style. Denying claims based on bullshit, fudging damage reports and other shenanigans that profitmongers engage in after a disaster.

More money has been thrown at Iraq than at rebuilding and re-invigorating one of our own cities. That, Mr Bush, is truly and irredeemably shameful.