Slamming The Door Closed

Today saw the end, the final end, of a chapter that's been waiting for closure since I walked out last February. The final appeal was filed, the last salvo was launched and it was a vicious one, that's for sure.

For those of you scratching your head at all the crypticism. When I quit my job last February, I did so because my then employer reneged on a commission that was owed to me to the tune of about $5k. This was after I'd truly done a kickass job for a major company event. So kickass that people at the event went out of their way to tell me what a kickass job I had done. And everyone within the company went out of their way to say what a kickass job I had done. Everyone, that is, except the owner of the company. She couldn't even be bothered to thank me for all of my hard work, couldn't even bother to offer me the next day off after putting in an entire week's worth of work in three days, couldn't even bother to pay me the damned money I had earned working my tail off for the event.

Now, this was the final straw in a long, long build-up of acrimony. Me being the camel, I dealt with her bullshit for years before it got to the point where I had to either stand up or lie down for good. And I stood up. And I remain proud of the fact that I stood up. And I remain proud of how I handled the increasingly corrosive working environment. And I remain proud of the fact that I saw the event through to the end despite my massive misgivings about the course of the company, despite my massive misgivings about making the ungrateful bitch any more money knowing that she would put it in her pocket and demand more.

I did it, not for her, but for me. Because I took the event as a personal challenge. I saw it through to its extremely successful completion because I needed to know whether I could. And I not only could, I can.

So let's fast forward through the last several months. My unemployment claim was denied because I, supposedly, quit without cause. I appealed it, had a hearing, lost the hearing because the judge didn't keep his facts straight and appealed the hearing's findings.

Which brings me to today. Today was the final day in the long saga and its over one way or the other. At this point, I'm not expecting the decision to be overturned. I think it would be really nice if they did, aside from the massive vindication it would give me, it would also mean a rather sweet chunk of change in my pocket for the effort. But the payoff for me has already been had.

In the process of the appeal, I had to write a final letter to the board of appeals and had to prove that a copy had been sent to my previous employer. The same went for her. And I got her letter last week so I had all the ammo I needed to blast the shit out of her and her lies and bullshit. And I did, I didn't include anything untrue but I also did not sugarcoat it one bit. I detailed my massive involvement in the event to make it quite clear how intentionally misrepresentative her letter was and how shameful it was of her to denigrate my work so disgustingly. I went out of my way to take each of her "points" and shred it, I shredded them like a rabid cat on PCP and then I turned some of the fury on her and shredded her too. Within the scope of the letter, of course. I detailed her "leadership" model, I detailed the revolving door policy that saw literally dozens of good people get hired and then subsequently fired on her whim or for bullshit reasons or they quit out of frustration.

And there was plenty of frustration for them. A company increasing its revenue every year and yet without much of any reinvestment in the company infrastructure. A company increasing its revenue every year and yet the benefits were continually reduced. A company increasing its revenue every year and yet it was incredibly rare for an employee to be there longer than a year because they got so tired of the hard work and crappy compensation and worse example set by the boss.

Bitter? Fucking A' yeah, I am.

But its all over now, barring any histrionics on her part. But she's really a coward at heart and I sincerely doubt she wants anything more to do with me. In fact, I'm sure that when our paths eventually do cross again, she will do just about anything to avoid coming near me. Not because I've ever been threatening to her in anyway but because she's basically a scared old lady desperately clinging to what shred of youth she once had. And she hates me, deeply and without the slightest reservation. Which is fine, I pretty much thoroughly despise her and wish nothing but a long, slow painful demise for her after the loss of her company and any tainted monies she's weaseled from customers has dried up and blown away too. Not that I would ever have an active hand in accelerating her downfall, I'm not stupid, I know to keep my hands to myself, especially here since I am a thoroughly disgruntled ex-worker. But ah the daydream schemes I've come up with! Delicious doesn't even begin to cover some of the revenges I've thought up but that will never happen. Because I have no interest in further intertwining my life with her sad and twisted existence.

It felt good to send the letter to the appeals board and know that she'd be getting a copy as well even though I can all but guarantee she won't read it since she can't handle criticism at all since she has always seen herself as the Queen of Sheba, or maybe she thinks she's Cleo-fucking-patra (still, inside joke that means something to only a few but you know who you are).

Sometimes doors get closed with a quiet whoosh as the air is pushed ahead of it. And sometimes the door slams closed loud enough and hard enough to bring down the entire building with it. I'm hoping for the latter.

Note: My old company is not named, my old boss is not named. Intentionally. Let's leave it that way.

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