Quick Check-In, Then Some Well Deserved Sleep

Its a long way from my house to Reno and back over the course of a weekend. Especially with two little kids and a powerful need to stay ahead of rush hour traffic on Friday afternoon.

But we did it, we had a good weekend, went to a wedding, drank Long Island Iced Teas, pretty well avoided any gambling like the waste of money it is in most casinos, ate decently well for being on the road and got home today to a hound that was truly thrilled to have us back (she was staying with friends).

Also, today marks two solid weeks now since I actively made the choice to never eat fast food again (yeah, e., I know you're waaaaaay ahead of me but its not a race, its about choosing a healthier lifestyle). It was hard not to eat really bad crap out on the road but we didn't and are the better for it now. I think that I will probably write up a personal pledge pretty much to the effect that Fa(s)t Food is just no longer a valid option for putting sustinence into my body. Because its only half food, the other half is poison.

I took some cool photos that I like quite a bit, had some oysters last night and wish that tomorrow was a day off so I could do nothing but sleep off the road drone from 300 miles of motion. At least Donner Pass was pretty beautiful (and snow free) this time of year.

More notes about Reno coming up soon, in fact, I am calling them my Renotes because I'm just that clever (and yeah, I think I'll leave the italic n in there). Or something.

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