Oh Yeah, the Other Great Thing About Today

I almost forgot the other great thing about today, well now yesterday.

I have a job again!

I start working again on Monday and am working for my previous company that treats people with respect, pays them well and understands the concept of investing in the company. Unlike my last job where my boss was an idiot who made people crunch data on crappy computers with 14" crt monitors, where we printed 300+ page documents in-house, where there was a direct and inverse relationship between the company's earnings and the reduction of benefits.

Oh yeah, I'm still bitter about my last job. But not for much longer, I'm moving on and up.

The downside is that I will not be able to spend as much time with my family as I've gotten quite used to these last few months. And I will truly and deeply miss it.

But regular paychecks and a great working environment (the office works on Macs too!) will help to offset that some.

So yeah! I'm excited to get back to work even if it means less time surfing the web looking for trouble. And if I've gotta work then this company I'm going back to work for is the best resolution. Plus, I'm making more money than I was before too so that just makes it even better.

Other downstream positives include the fact that this job represents mobility for us. We can actually sell this house, get away from our asshole neighbors and move to a town and a place where people aren't such colossal pricks to each other for no reason. And maybe our next neighborhood will have people that have respect for themselves and others, what a concept!

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