No Photos of Suri Yet, But Hey Here's a Bronze Casting of Her First Crap!

This is getting stranger and stranger, now, because there are no published pictures of Suri Cruise, the kid's shit is being encased in metal and put on display. No, really. The Excremental Suri.

To which I think I am going to have to say, I'm done. Either the kid is deformed or the whole pregnancy was a fake done for marketing purposes or something else entirely. Either way, I kind of want to punch Tom Cruise in the face more and more each day. And, doesn't Katie look like a young Valerie Bertinelli in the accompanying pic?

I saw a woman in the morning commute with the same kind of a look. But it worked better for her than for Katie who I just feel kind of sad for.

My WTFMeter has just, officially, exploded.
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