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Alright, my response to comments in this post have grown into another post about this Floyd Landis and the Tour de France since there are some voices debating it.
My previous comment addressed some of the direct questions posed by Amelia, /J and e. One of which was to question how I can dismiss Landis as a cheat and yet still stick by Barry Bonds. My comment's are below.

Another thing, the two issues are completely distinct and seperate. Floyd Landis' case has absolutely nothing to do with Barry Bonds. Nothing. Talking about the two in the same sentence tells me you're fishing for a correlation that just isn't there.

In Floyd's case, yes there are alot of questions. Some of which, I don't believe can now be, answered. I do see how it's hard to understand how his levels could be 11:1 one day and not register in the other 8 tests he passed. Yeah, I would have demanded a second, different lab perform the tests on Sample B as any lab anamolies would have been resolved by that. And its true that he drank beer and, according to him, he drank whiskey the night before. And lots more holes in the case as well, I'm sure.

And then there's the evidence to the contrary. He failed two tests performed by people who do this for a living. Do not have access to who's piss is who's. I don't think his case is bolstered by the posing of ever new theories about what happened. I've heard people talk about testosterone like its a brand name and not a class of steroids, some say you can't derive immediate benefit from them and then some say it can nearly instant and your recovery is greatly enhanced. His own team has had a history of cheaters, he was the fifth rider in two years to fail a test. Remember this was already the Tour de Shame with Ullrich and the others not racing for cheating? Hell, some are speculating that he was drunk on Stage 17 and that's how he thrashed it.

In the end, it'll be some decision arrived and the entire Tour de France will look lame. In the end, another sport is tainted by cheating and cheaters.

If Floyd Landis is somehow exonerated of the charges against him then I will happily be the first in line to apologize to him. I just don't see it happening. There's too much money, pride and more at stake. Besides, Landis is done with the bad hip.

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