Job Asset and Strengths Profiler

So I've been putting in alot of time working on my resume, reposting it to Monster, figuring out where my best skills and aptitudes are and learning quite alot about myself in the process.

This was initiated in part by Amy's ENFP post about the results from an online Jungian Briggs-Myers test she took. I took it as well and "scored" as an ENTJ - extraverted (I checked and they used extra several times) Intuitive Thinking Judging. Which makes my personality most closely aligned with a Field Marshall, i.e. fit for command, able to think on my feet and adjust plans accordingly while keeping an eye on the objective(s) at hand.

And I've just finished another test, this time at Monster.com, called the JASPER (you may have to login or register, sorry), which is short for Job Asset and Strengths Profiler. The results of which have given me some immediate input and insight into making myself more attractive to prospective employers as well as finding a job or career that addresses my particular interests and talents.

According to the Jasper (since I hate ALL CAPS I'm going with Jasper) I am a Type 3: Visionary with unique strengths: Innovative, Expressive, Multi-Tasking and Questioning. What I want from work, according to the results, is to dream big and to foster my creativity and knack for innovation, my colleagues think of me as a creative, abstract thinker who's fun to watch in action and I offer not only new and better ideas for how things can be improved, but also the courage to pursue them.

Which is all nice information but Monster takes it a step further and has some proscriptions to making positive use of this information to find myself in a more fulfilling job that makes use of my unique talents and abilities.

Which I'm going to start putting into action now.

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