iBroke My iPhoto

So, the astute observer might have noticed a recent lack of posting of photos to my Flickr stream. That's because I've sort of broken my copy of iPhoto and, rather than go back to the earlier version, which I'd never been happy with, I upgraded to iLife 6. Because Apple doesn't sell iPhoto alone I had to buy four other programs that I'm probably not going to make much use of but its the only way to get iPhoto for now.

I don't get software bundles like this. I don't need or want any of the other programs but I had to pay for them anyway. That's just stupid. Why not charge me a higher price $25 or $30 just for iPhoto but you get a better deal if you get the bundle?

Oh well, at least I won't be choking iPhoto 4 with all of my pictures anymore. That'll be nice. But, since I didn't feel like paying $10 to get it here in three days, I won't be able to post photos for a few more days. Which is alright since I haven't really been taking anything noteworthy of late since my life, right now, is commute to work, work, come home. Not much time or opportunity to snap pics, ya know?

I think I need to start working in photo stops to my day, like going by the harbor on the way home. That'll work since they're repaving Soquel (the main drag through town) right now and its making the commute home by car an hour long affair. Which blows. So I am, naturally, riding the motorcycle in today.

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