Gary Coleman Can Suck My Balls

I understand that everyone's gotta make money but being a paid shill for a company that preys on poor people with his CashCall ads is pretty despicable.

These paycheck advance places charge exorbitant interest rates for short term loans because they can. Everytime I see his ugly little mug, I want to kick it in. Its just like Al Sharpton shilling for a company that does the same thing but uses your car as collateral. Yeah. If you can't pay them back fast enough and with their 30% interest rate tacked on then you lose your car and are in far worse shape than you were before.

These places are filthy bottom feeders and I'd have no problem with them being put permanently out of business. Preying on poor people is pathetic. Now, let's talk about preying on the wealthy and we'll have something.

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