File Me Under Just Don't Get Podcasting

Podcasting is what all the cool kids are doing these days. Let me see if I understand what's going on.

Someone records some audio of them talking about something of some level of import to them. They post the resultant mp3 on their blog and other people download it to listen to it while on their way to work or on lunch or something else.

I've tried to give a damn about podcasting, I really have. But I just can't care any less than I do. Maybe if I had one of those ginchy car stereos that make connecting my iPod to it super easy and slick but I don't, I use an iTrip. Maybe if I had a two hour commute on a train in which my options would be to sleep, listen or masturbate under my newspaper, but I don't commute that far. And besides, if I want to hear lunatic rantings, I can always tune into Springer on the Radio (yes, Jerry Springer) and listen to morons from the heartland talk about how the liberals are still screwing up the country because he heard it on Limbaugh.

Nah, Podcasting'll have to demonstrate a real benefit to me over listening to some good music in the travel time. To that end, here's a song to share that I've been loving on lately. Manu Dibango - Soul Makossa. Enjoy.