Del.icio.us Link Dump

I love using delicious (sorry, the periods get tedious to type) and use it constantly to bookmark the sweet stuff while I'm at work and can't blog it or just want to play with it later.

But sometimes I forget about all of the amazing stuff that gets tossed up there. So I'm going to try and post a Delicious Link Dump here every so often to make sure it doesn't fall off the leaderboard without a trace.

And away we go........

Get Outta My Face - a teen blog that wants marketers to back the heck off, especially the fast food marketers.

iProcrastinate - an online list maker with built-in cool features like prioritizations and labels and such. Neat.

How to write in plain English - pretty clear, eh?

Cyworld - the way cuter Korean competitor to MySpace with 90% market penetration in the 20something demographic in Korea. And, without ads, they make $7.78 a year per member which is definitely not chump change. Because, let's face it, MySpace is horrible to look at.

How to build a panoramic tripod head for $10 and X-Loupe turns Canon IXUS (SD series) into a digital microscope AND one more, Researchers take the blur out of shaky photos.

What's that? More? Okay.

WhoCalled lets you plug the Unknown caller numbers from your caller ID and find out who they are.

Hitler shops at WalMart is, you guessed it, an anti-Wal-Mart blog made all the funnier by Wal-Mart's recent retreat from Der Vaterland.

And the last one for this link dump, a repeat but a good repeat, Mobile 17's Free Roll-Yer-Own Ringtones. And they absolutely do not spam, I can attest to that. You sign up, load your mp3 up with how long you want it to play, get in the queue and in about an hour you'll get a text message with a link to a place you can download your ringtone from. My current ringtone is Ziggy Marley's Dragonfly.

And there ya go, my Del.icio.us link dump for this time around.

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