Abandoning FireFox

So I finally got fed up enough with FireFox and all of its myriad annoyances to ditch it for a faster, better and less memory sucking browser. Yes, there will be a period of adjustment as I get used to Camino but I'm already liking how fast it is and I'd already shut off all of my FireFox extensions to try and figure out a couple of stupidities it was doing (or not doing as the case happened to be) so I really won't miss them.

Now I've gotta go and change my Google Adsense Referals because I can't, in good conscience, recommend people switch to FireFox when it really became more of a nuisance than a necessity.

How could I hate FireFox you ask? I'm glad you asked because I'll tell you.
1. Memory leakage or suckage - FireFox has a really annoying tendency to start eating up memory and will eventually be using a gig of memory or more in both real RAM and virtual space.
2. Spinning beach ball-itis - FireFox will get to the point where it simply refuses to do anything. It will just spin and spin and spin. Sorry but I do not have the time to wait for the browser to get its head out of its butt and start working again.
3. Quitting - when FireFox gets to the point where it won't work it will also get to the point where it can't be quit without force quitting. And sometimes that didn't work and I'd have to force quit from the Task Manager screen (or whatever its called on the Mac).
4. Restart in lieu of quitting - I've had to reboot my machine because even the force quit from the task manager wouldn't work sometimes.
5. Downloading - an inability to track down a stupid setting that would allow my old laptop to download from YouSendIt and not from my new laptop. Exact same configuration but yet it failed every single time and that just gets old fast.

And that's more than plenty to condemn FireFox in my opinion. I've already imported all my bookmarks into Camino and am impressed with its speed. We'll see how I do without those nifty extensions but really there are only a couple that I need to use, most are just want to use. And I can live without them for a better experience.

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