World Cup

Congratulations Italy, you won the World Cup. I didn't watch it but I saw the highlights on ESPN, including the shootout to decide the best soccer team in the universe (well, known universe).

I stopped watching the World Cup a week or two ago. I got tired of the crappy officiating and the incredibly lame ass flopping garbage.

If soccer is the greatest game on the planet then why is the winner decided by a shootout? Why not just let them play until someone scores a goal the real way? A shootout isn't soccer or football, why can't they just keep playing?

And why not have more officials on the field? And some damned instant replay so that they can get the calls right? And so that they can catch and eject the flopping wanks, you know, the ones that don't even get touched and they act like someone shot, stabbed and then rubbed salt in the wounds. I truly hate that acting is a major part of the game.

Greatest sport on earth? I don't know about that. It seems like its got a ways to go before it can lay claim to that title. I don't know what is the greatest sport on earth right now but I don't think its soccer (football, whatever).

And yeah, I played the sport for something like 11 years when I was a kid. Then I wanted to play other sports like lacrosse and running cross country. In retrospect, I was cheated out of the chance to ride mountain bikes competitively in high school because they were just starting to hit then and most kids still rode ten speeds.

But back to the World Cup. Let me sum up the entire thing in one nice, easy to remember word: Meh! I'd rather watch baseball. And I did.

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