Tech News Update: Bluetooth Headphones and a (re)New(ed) Digi-Cam

So I got my latest eBay goodie from the UPS guy who couldn't wait to get off my porch and away from my goon hound who was barking and trying to be a tough dog (which she pulls off quite well as the door-to-door religious salespeople keep finding out).

My newest gadget? A pair of Logitech Bluetooth iPod headphones. And my initial impression is that they totally and absolulely kick ass! The sound quality is excellent, the range is good and the ease of getting the system to work was awesome. And, to top it off, both the headphones and the adapter are rechargable and even recharge off the same cord! Very nice!

Now I'll be able to kick out the jams during my workouts without having to figure out where to put the iPod. Which was always a problem because I do circuits right now and there's no one place that it can sit without getting in the way at some point during the routine. Now, the iPod sits on my desk and I can control it remotely. The headphones have play/pause, volume up and down and previous song and next song capabilities.

Overall, I'm very, very pleased with these new phones. My only complaint is that the adapter is not universal, it can only be used with my iPod so far as I can tell. I would love to be able to plug it into my tv so I can play my Playstation without bothering the rest of the house. But that's alright, I can live with it.

My next step is to try out the system out on my bike and see how it performs there. But really, it has already completed its primary mission of freeing me up from my iPod while I workout, everything else is just gravy!

My other tech news is that I had to replace my Canon SD450 through my Staples warranty. It had somehow gotten its screened cracked and was pretty well useless. But the cool part is that Staples had the cameras on sale and, with the credit from the last one, the new one cost a whopping $1.50 with the 2 year warranty attached again! Yeeha! I love it when that happens! And I really hate being with a camera.

And, as an aside, I'm trying an additional tagging system because I've never been impressed with Technorati's results. I very, very rarely get traffic because of the tags I've added (according to SiteMeter's reports) so I'm trying Del.icio.us tags to see how they compare. Now, if only Blogger would incorporate tagging into the blogging engine so I didn't have to hand add them each time.

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