So, Fireworks Legal or Illegal Where You Are?

They are legal here, but only the Safe & Sane (which includes the decidedly unsafe and insane to give to little kids, sparklers) kind of fireworks are legal. There are places selling fireworks in nearly every parking lot around town right now, from $5 to $550, they've got some good fun to sell.

But that doesn't really stop what seems like most of the city from buying and bringing trunkloads of Mexican fireworks and having war with the sky. Most of it will happen tomorrow night but there have been mortars going off around my house for the last three weeks. And they won't stop for another couple of weeks after tomorrow. And we're not talking the inch and a half mortars, we're talking three inchers and more. Some of the booms rival pro shows I've been too in the past.

My dog? Oh she just loves the explosions. They make her heart go superfast and she barks irrationally and is visibly upset for a long time after the loud booms. Which doesn't help when you're trying to get a newborn to bed. Especially when the new kid's gassy and not interested in laying down. At. All.

I have my own little stash of fireworks. Nothing crazy. Really pretty safe and sane, aside from the devil stick sparklers. I don't see how people think they're safe to give to kids to play with. The damn thing burn red hot and throw sparks, why not give the kid a gasoline shower beforehand and really make it exciting?

I have to admit that I'm most excited to play with the smoke bombs. Booms, flashes and fountains are nice. And since they took away firecrackers and, sob, sob, bottlerockets (easily my favorite firework, they were freaking screaming missiles!) I've got to be content with what's neat to play with. And smoke bombs are cool. I am thinking about trying to stage a few photo opps with them.

And next weekend? Next weekend is Graydon's birthday party complete with the bounce house (jungle theme with obstacles!).

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