Sexual Assault Rears Its Ugly Head in Seabright

You probably haven't heard about a recent attempted rape at gunpoint in Seabright, a small neighborhood in Santa Cruz, which is why I'm posting it here.

Seabright was my neighborhood for the majority of my time living in town before we bought a house a few miles down the road. Seabright is a small neighborhood where alot of people know each other, where people feel comfortable and mostly safe.

But not anymore, not now. Not after some horny thug knocked a woman to the ground and tried to tear her clothes off while pointing a gun at her.

Now, Seabright's had its share of crime but nothing especially serious for a long, long time and that's how they like it. Years ago there was a serial peeper and bikes get ripped off from time to time But an aggravated sexual assault with a firearm involved has really set the neighborhood on edge. And the community is going to come together, get the news out, protect each other and catch this ratass fool before he tries again.

And he'd better hope that the cops get him before some of the more aggressively defensive folks around town find him or there won't be enough of him left over to put on trial.

But let this attempted rape be a wake up call, be aware of your surroundings, set up your lights to come on automatically around your house, report suspicious activities and don't let your guard down. In other news, Oakland recorded its 78th murder of the year, nearly double where they were last year and that's just sad. Many of the murders have been what appear to be random acts of violence, drive-by's and the like. Such a waste of life, so sad.

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