Please, Just Smoke Some Weed, M'Okay?

Kids these days, they'll sniff, inhale, drink or inject anything to catch a buzz. What's the latest way the idiot kids are doing it? Mothballs. Yeah, those really stinky things your grandparents smell like.

Teenagers Hospitalized from Inhaling Mothballs

The operative things to remember from this story. It took one of the twin sisters six months to recover from her stupidity. The other took three months to recover. Do you really want to waste a half of a year because you're too cheap to go buy a dime bag?

I'm not going to say don't do drugs because that's pretty unrealistic these days. Just like not giving kids access to condoms isn't going to stop them from having sex. But if you're going to get high, at least do it with something that isn't going to put you in the hospital and give you dragon skin or worse.

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