On Again, Go Kid and Pam!

News of the pending nuptuals for Kid Rock and Pam Anderson have reached even my densely resistant brain. And I see some folks are surfing through Intellectual Poison looking for some meat to chew on about these news.

Sorry kids, no new news, except a prediction that this too shall pass and Pam will become single again and wank fodder for a generation that grew up on Baywatch. Though I guess she's still wank fodder if she's married. I mean, look at what happened to her level of celebrity after the sex video was leakedstolen.

I don't know, I can't really generate enough give a damn to give a damn. In news that i can generate some give a damn about, Ryan's announced his own pending nuptuals. To which I say, Melissa, run away, run away really really fast. Oh shit, that's right, Ryan's a runner. Maybe you should take a cab. (Side note, everytime I type nuptuals it looks wrong, why is that? Aaaah, because it is wrong, that makes me feel better even if it sounds right my way.)

Nah, just ribbing ya, Ryan. Congratulations dude!

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