No Rich White Man's Prison for You, Go Straight to White Heaven, Ken Lay!

Ken Lay is dead or he's been taken "underground" by his buddy, Dubya.

But they apparently performed an autopsy on a body they said was Lay's. No foul play. Just dead from heart disease.

Boo hoo. Sorry dude but you stole a bunch of my money personally and I never did get a chance to kick you in the nuts for it. Its not like he would have gone to Folsom or real prison, nah, he would have gone to Rich White Guy prison where he'd live out his days in more luxury than free people without money. At least now we don't have to pay to keep him in prison.

Now the only thing left to do is wait for the President of the US to demonstrate what a completely out of touch douchebag he is and say what a fine man Ken Lay was, just like Tom Delay and Duke Cunningham. Funny how the President has so many friends with, shall we say, loose moral values?

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