Get Godless For Free!!!1!

Oh yeah, kids and kiddies, that Godless! Woot, the siren of idiocy cannot sell her retarded book so the Conservative Book Club will give you a copy for just giving them a whole bunch of marketing information (and I think you have to promise not to be gay).

Seriously, Godless? Come on now, if there IS a God, do you really think he/she/it would want you talking about genocide and kicking Canada's ass and kicking Australia's ass and hunting lib'ruls down for sport? You're not that thick but your demographic is, they lap up your drivel like angel's spit.

I'm usually against giving any sort of publicity to 'noid fools like Coulter (shh, don't say her name three times or she'll jump out of the nearest toilet) but she's no longer a person, she's a cartoon character, a spoof of her own ridiculousness.

I wonder how many copies of her book have been sold versus how many have been given away? Its an old trick in the magazine business, pump up your circulation by giving free subscriptions to offices, higher circulation means you can charge higher ad rates. Though in the case of Godless, it just becomes another meaningless "fact" to be thrown around during the endless talking head shows on MSNBC, Fox and CNN. Here let me demonstrate. Picture a heated discussion between Hannity and Colmes and Hannity refutes Colmes with "Godless has sold more than 5 million copies, how can you dispute that her message is reaching America and America is accepting it?" When the reality is that they printed out 5 million copies, gave away 4 million, sold about 50 and have about a million sitting in a warehouse. And the "fact" isn't disputed by Colmes, its accepted into the media as fact and all of a sudden America has embraced her "message". Its shenanigans but high stakes shenanigans.

She spews her intentionally wrong bile, she riles up the lib'rul 'idgets and the GOP gets a good belly laugh at all the fun. Meanwhile, their buddies are stuffing their pockets with billions of misappropriated dollars. Its not a game but they're playing it like one and its filthy despicable assholes like Coulter that help empower them to keep doing it.

I hope and assume that the irony of her title has not escaped her. I have more God in my atheist pinky than she has in her entire gangly sack of bones. That she is even paid attention to by anyone (much like Rush "Facts are for Liberals" Limbaugh) just blows my mind. How unthinking do you have to be to not see these cretins for what they are?

Its hard to believe that they are my countrymen and women. Don't get me wrong, I don't dispute Coulter her right to write books containing nothing but misinformed drivel. The bothersome thing is that some people are actually duped into buying the books and actually reading them.

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