The Deleterious Effect of Crap Like Maury

Yes, I wanted to use the word deleterious today and now I have. And its seeded some new words I'll put together later.

Talk shows are, by their nature, crap. They vie for ratings by doing over the top episodes and Maury, which comes on right after our morning news show, is among the worst.

They love to do paternity tests on couples so that, when the man is the father, the mother gets all up in his face calling him a liar and all kinds of bleeped out abuse. It is horrible to watch and I generally change the channel. But alot of people do not.

And what they see are people who have brought a new life into the world being physically, verbally and emotionally abusive to each other. To the point that, occasionally, fists start flying. These are people that are supposed to be working together to raise a decent human being. But instead they use the test results like a club to bludgeon their "partner" with.

And people that view this garbage take note that this is acceptable behaviour. The same thing goes for reality shows that focus on the anger in interpersonal relationships and over-the-top behaviour being totally acceptable. In the absence of positive role models, this is what they base their interactions upon and society as a whole draws ever closer to the gutter.

America is a more vicious and hateful place because of this sort of drivel that passes for entertainment. And that's a messed up thing too, people watch other people be spiteful and hateful towards each other for entertainment. Its almost as bad as the "halftime show" at Roman gladiatorial contests when lions would come out and shred defenseless slaves for the spectators amusement. And yes, it is a sign of the decline of our nation.

Please, America, turn off garbage like Maury, garbage like Jenny Jones (if she's still on the air), garbage like Montel (who, admittedly, does have some decent and real topics on his shows as well as the scandal garbage). If you must watch garbage talk shows, watch ones that are actually trying to improve people. Oprah is one of those shows, Dr. Phil is one too (although his overly sanctimonious personality wears really thin on me in about ten seconds), Tyra Banks is another. If you must watch this stuff, stay with the glass half full shows and avoid morally bankrupt garbage like Maury. Please. Your fellow human beings will thank you.

And, for the pending comment that I should just turn off the tube. It is off. And the silence is blissful (the baby is sleeping in his swing right now).

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