The Birthday Boy and Dad Pause for a Photo

I took this yesterday evening after Graydon's 2nd Birthday Party. We had a bbq and a cool bounce house with obstacles to play around on inside. And a lion pinata stuffed with candy.

Graydon played all day without a nap until everyone from the party had gone home. Then he crashed for a while and then we got to get some bonus time in the bounce house. Just the two of us chasing each other and diving through things and bouncing off of walls and the floor. And laughing and laughing and laughing.

I can give a very happy two thumbs up for using a bounce house for a party. I can't recommend the company since I had to call them a day later to come and get the thing. Although that did mean that Grady and I got another round of bouncing fun this morning. And no, big kids weren't supposed to go in it. Next year's will have the rock wall and slide which is big kid approved.

I had more fun with my little boy than I can remember. Which is funny because we have fun all the time. He is more happy than anything else and his joy of life and discovery makes everything new and more fun for me as well. He's a wonderful little boy.

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