10 High Fat Fast Foods

Fast food is, by and large, poison but these ten fast foods are like turbo-poison.

The winner in the pack? I thought it was Pizza Hut's Stuffed Crust Meat Lover’s pie, two slices of this will stuff you with 1,000 calories, 82 grams of total fat, 22 grams of it saturated. But no, the "champ" is the Burger King Triple Whopper with Cheese (don't forget to order the Diet Coke!) that is loaded with a gut-wrenching 82 grams of fat with 32 of those being saturated. Nasty! And that's not including the Vat 'o Fries on the side.

And some people wonder why we have an obesity epidemic in this country. People are more sedentary than ever before, people are eating more and more fatty meat burgers (the BK Stackers are thoroughly disgusting, four patties and cheese? Bleh). X-Ray and MRI machines are having trouble penetrating the the ginormous fat people. Hospitals are having to have gurneys that can carry 1,000 pound people, special doctors need to be called in.

Its sickening and pathetic.

Get up off your big, fat ass America. You wonder how we've gone from being a producer to being consumers? This is how. This addiction to gluttony, this addiction to fat and high fructose corn syrup combined with a near pathological fear of movement that could be construed as exercise. America has become a nation of watchers, happy to sit on the couch and watch people do things on tv. Happy to sit in the stands and watch people do things on a field. All while stuffing deep fried shit into their maws without even a thought.

I hate that two thirds of this country is considered fat or obese. I hate that we are thought of the world around as a soft, stupid and ever fatter nation of greedheaded SUV drive-thru addicted losers with a bizarrely held superiority complex that all things American are soooo much better.

Fast food isn't just made and served fast, it'll put you in the ground fast too.

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