Ryan Seacrest = Necessary Rat

No, I'm not being unkind, not in the least. Ryan Seacrest anagramizes (that is, the letters can be reformed) into Necessary Rat. The fact that it is funny and appropriate is all the better.

Here's some more fun. Simon Cowell = "Lemon!" I scowl. Paula Abdul is All Up a Baud.

Or how about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes = Hedonist miracles make out. Scientology = Isn't ecology. George W Bush = He grew bogus. Some painful ones, Tara Ried = A Dire Rat, Tom Cruise = I'm so cuter, Natalie Portman = An animal potter, Cesar Millan (the dog whisperer) = Carnal slime. And then there's the perfectly appropriate, Arnold Schwarzenegger = He's grown large 'n' crazed, Lindsey Lohan = Hold insanely, Oprah Winfrey = Hype worn fair, Dr. Phil McGraw = Grr! Wild champ.

Have some fun and load a name or phrase into the Anagram Bot and see what you come up with.

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