Quick Rant

Can someone please tell every musician who thinks they are being cutting edge or kewl or whatever by starting a song with 20 seconds or so of really unpleasant feedback or some other noise intended to make people go "What the FUCK is that?" and then the music starts playing.

Please stop it. No, not even please. Stop it. Play music, don't, don't, don't put crappy, annoying tones in or over your music. Nothing makes me move ahead or delete a track faster than stupid, stupid "techniques" that are annoying.

And yes, I am looking at you Beck. I know you're totally, like, outthinking everyone and everything but that shit is fucking irritating. But Beck isn't the only perp here, there are plenty that think its cool to lay sine wave noises over their bands and other stupid and annoying tricks that serve to do nothing but piss me off and make me change the station or delete the track from my library.

So there.

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