Two New "D" Words of the Day - Dramactedly and Darwinate

Today's new word comes from drama and acting, no way!

Dramactedly - dramatic acting for effect. Not usually for the camera though its sometimes caught on film, think Tom Cruise' jumping the shark couch on Orpah (the Killer Whale!) because he was sooooooooo in love with his incubator bride, Katie Holmes. Or the over-emotive drama queen who swoons at the slightest provocation.

Darwinate - to apply the "Survival of the Fittest" to an individual, that is, incorrectly, situation. Evolution doesn't work on the micro scale, its across populations and environments. Darwinating is when people cheer idiots who kill themselves in really stupid ways.

And, in more word geek goodness, have you ever noticed how close "Trial" and "Tribal" are? There but for a "b" goes the trial. And maybe I've mentioned this before but one little slip and "nicest" becomes "incest". Strange one.

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